CROMAUTO was born with a clear challenge: to be the superior brand in the world of refinishing.

CROMAUTO is already responding to the ambitious and determined demands of the consumers: to be close to the market, to contribute value, to become a reference in our industry for our specialization and capacity. CROMAUTO excels in all aspects, from our clients to our distributors.


Dynamism, extreme specialization, minimal environmental impact, and excellent performance of product quality.


The result is a very cost-efficient product that is easily applied. Only our technology, market research, and investments make it possible to satisfy a demanding and professional market.

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New Cromauto products for 2024

New Cromauto products for 2024

CROMAUTO Presents Two Revolutionary Innovations in the Automotive Refinishing World

CROMAUTO, renowned for its constant innovation in the automotive sector, introduces two groundbreaking products: the DIAMOND 4400 UHS SUPREME Clearcoat and the High-Build UHS Primer.

The DIAMOND 4400 UHS SUPREME Clearcoat offers unparalleled efficiency by allowing vehicle manipulation and polishing just 60 minutes after application, without the need for booth heat. This not only reduces energy costs in the workshop but also ensures consistent performance in various weather conditions.

On the other hand, the High-Build UHS Primer redefines quality standards in automotive refinishing with its exceptional filling power and fast drying time, allowing sanding in less than 1 hour in open air without booth heat. With a wide range of colors and customization capability with a variety of UHS catalysts to suit your drying needs, this primer provides a solid and durable base for refinishing work, ensuring professional and long-lasting results.

Both products stand out for their ease of application, versatility, and ability to enhance workshop productivity without sacrificing the quality of the final finish. With these innovations, CROMAUTO continues its commitment to offering advanced solutions that drive efficiency and excellence in every repair.

Upgrade your refinishing processes and discover the power of cutting-edge technology with CROMAUTO's new products. Raise your standards and ensure superior results in every refinishing job.

CROMAUTO presents its products at CESVIMAP during a theoretical-practical session

CROMAUTO presents its products at CESVIMAP during a theoretical-practical session

Our General Manager Félix Moreno García, and Technical Manager, Ismael Salqueiro, have presented CROMAUTO's new products at CESVIMAP aimed at increasing productivity, efficiency, and sustainability in painting processes.

During a theoretical-practical session, the two main innovations from CROMAUTO designed to improve both basecoat and finishing works were reviewed.

These are products that are easy to apply, reducing drying times. They improve curing and hardening times compared to other varnishes from the brand.

In the practical workshop part, various pieces and colors were tested with the Filler UHS 445 (medium gray) and different mixtures of the 4400 UHS SUPREME clearcoat, along with their catalysts and thinners.

FILLER UHS 440/445/449 HIGH BUILD This new UHS primer in gray scale complies with European VOC regulations. It is intended for repainting automobiles, motorcycles, and industrial vehicles.

Key features • High filling capacity • Air drying speed (40 min at 20°C) • Easy and quick sanding • Optimal adhesion (aluminum, steel, galvanized steel, and electro-galvanized) • Adhesion on some plastics (PP-EPDM, GRP, ABS) • 5:1 mixture with 4 possible catalysts

DIAMOND 4400 UHS SUPREME Clearcoat This innovative 2K UHS acrylic clearcoat has been designed for use in repainting with two-coat, waterborne, and solvent systems. It is specially formulated for both partial repairs and complete vehicle painting, with easy application.

Key properties • Quick hardening • Great polishing capability • High productivity Air drying (20°C) in 1 hour • Heat drying 10 min at 60°C • High UV protection

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CROMAUTO welcomes the Tour de France 2023 to its city

CROMAUTO welcomes the Tour de France 2023 to its city

Only 3 days left until the Tour de France 2023 passes through our city, Vitoria-Gasteiz. The second stage of the Tour de France starts in Vitoria, the headquarters of CROMAUTO. We warmly welcome the Tour de France 2023 to our city.

In celebration of this grand event, our city is hosting various activities, one of which is decorating the city with bicycles painted in the colors of the Tour. CROMAUTO has collaborated with the ADSIS Foundation to make our city look stunning. We have worked together with them, using our CROMAUTO paints such as CROMACRYLPRO and CROMAQUAPRO. Their talented students have put in their utmost effort to paint these bicycles in a timely manner, so they can be displayed throughout the city.

We would like to express our gratitude to all the members of the ADSIS Foundation and the City Council for this beautiful gesture towards cycling enthusiasts and the Tour de France 2023. The city is adorned with the colors of the Tour throughout its streets.



With the purchase of two cutting-edge varnishes from the DIAMOND 4100 UHS and DIAMOND 4500 UHS EXPRESS range, you can choose two units of the same varnish or both at once and receive THIS FANTASTIC GIFT. We want you to enjoy the summer with us, and what better way than by enjoying good music to thank you for your loyalty to CROMAUTO.

The promotion will be valid until June 30, 2023, or while supplies last.

Request this PROMOTION from our CROMAUTO distributors.

Here are the varnishes included in this promotion:


It stands out for its versatile application, delivering excellent final results under all conditions. Developed for partial repairs, touch-ups, or full coatings. Allows for time and cost optimization in extreme conditions (low temperatures). Provides excellent performance for both oven drying and air drying. Offers excellent vertical stability, intense gloss (mirror effect), exceptional hardening, and extraordinary durability. Easy and straightforward application, with a flash-off time between coats of 5-10 minutes. This product reduces varnish consumption by 30% and increases productivity. Allows drying in 15 minutes at 60 degrees Celsius (CRH 45-CRH43) or 20 minutes at 60 degrees Celsius (CRH41). Can be polished after 90 minutes from application. Mixing ratio of 2:1, with hardeners CRH 45 EXPRESS, CRH43 FAST, CRH41 STANDARD, CRH 40 SLOW. The innovation of this varnish allows us to optimize workflow and minimize the common problem in workshops known as bottleneck. Works with three hardeners: CRH 40 / CRH 41 / CRH 43 / CRH 45.


2K UHS varnish specially formulated for partial repairs. Can be used on water-based or solvent-based bases interchangeably. Provides high gloss and fast drying (40 minutes from varnish application). Can be polished within 1 hour. Saves a significant amount of energy in the painting cycle. Increases productivity. Dries in a booth in cycles of 10 minutes at 60 degrees Celsius, 20 minutes at 40 degrees Celsius, and 40 minutes at 20 degrees Celsius in open air. In IR, drying would take 5 minutes. Stands out for its high hardness, scratch resistance, and UV resistance. Hardeners: CRH 45.

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