Filler UHS

2k UHS High Build filler

Introducing our latest advancement in the world of automotive refinishing: High Thickness UHS Filler. Designed with the most advanced technology and designed to satisfy the most demanding needs of the market, this primer is destined to revolutionize your repainting processes for automobiles, motorcycles and industrial vehicles. With a wide range of colors including White 440, Gray 445 and Black 449. One of the most notable features of our UHS Filler is its exceptional fill power and fast drying time. Air-dried, dried in 30 minutes and sanded in 1 hour.

Ref Color Uds. Cap.
440 UHS Blanco 4 uds. 3,6L
445 UHS Gris 4 uds. 3,6L
449 UHS Negro 4 uds. 3,6L

Filler Fast

Fast HS acrylic filler

Quick drying and high productivity filler with new features and great versatility for the bodywork. High solid content filler developed for faster and more efficient processes (low temperatures), minimizing drying times with excellent sanding results. It stands out for its flexibility of application, it provides a high quality appearance without marking the patch, it allows to accelerate the repair process, with excellent results at lower cost.

Ref Color Uds. Cap.
200 FAST Blanco 4 3,6L
205 FAST Gris 4 3,6L
209 FAST Negro 4 3,6L

Filler multi

2k hs high build filler

2K High Solid Acrylic Filler. It can be used as high build, medium build or “wet on wet” in partial or complete repairs. Adhesion on various types of plastics.

Ref Uds. Cap.
330 MULTI 4 uds. 3.6L
339 MULTI 4 uds. 3.6L
335 MULTI 4 uds. 3.6L

Filler 250 WW

Wet on wet filler. Grey

Our 2K Wet on Wet Filler has a high insulating power and a power of filling up to 60 microns. It is applicable on both CROMAQUA and CROMACRYL

Ref Uds. Cap.
250 WW 4 uds. 1L

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