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Cromaqua Pro

standardizes everything that the industry demands

CROMAQUA PRO is the logical evolution of the CROMAQUA twolayer water system.

The perfect color reproducibility, excellent covering power, fast drying and great verticality are the hallmarks of the product.

The system, created to adapt and evolve with the market, is composed of 68 bases in format of 0.5L and 1L.

In combination with the CROMAUTO product range it forms a perfect and modern equipment for the professional repair of the automobile.

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Cromacryl Pro

Acrylic paints

Cromacryl Pro is our solvent based acrylic system. Versatile, modular, and rational, it has been designed to achieve finishes of different qualities and prices. This versatility makes it so that the user has a high product yield that is necessary for their success.

It is composed of 80 mixing bases (resin, smooth, aluminum, and pearlescent) that can make any color that exists in the market.

Cromacryl Pro’s characteristics increase the value of the professional industry.

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Clear coats

Introducing our DIAMOND line, high quality and value clear coats that are divided in a variety of four different types. All have been formulated with the latest technology in product design and packing to have an extreme ease of application, within the regulations.

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Paint for plastics

This product line is for painting plastic. They have been formulated with acrylic, which makes them very flexible.

They have a textured, glossy, and smooth finish that you can repaint with 1 and 2K CROMACRYLs after their 4 hour dry time.

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A premium product that obtains dependebility and exceeds the expectations of the body shop. It is available in different types.

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At CROMAUTO, we know that the professionals demand the best basis in order to later obtain an excellent finish.

Therefore, we present a wide variety that has been specifically developed for the body shop’s priority of ease of application.

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Our wide variety of putties is the perfect base for an excellent repair.

Its features are ease of application, ease of sanding, and extreme versatility that allows it to be used on any surface.

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CROMAUTO has maximized the efficiency of this section. Developed with the latest technology, our compliant range of products in the CROMAUTO system are available in different formats, that makes the suitable for any situation.

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In this section, we would like to introduce a future product that has been developed while specifically thinking about the needs of the body shop. It will be available in a wide variety of sprays.

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