Light 110

Lightweight polyester putty. Beige

Our first proposal in putties is this low density putty that was made with the latest 2K technology. It has an excellent ease of application, a total absence of pores, and a high filling power. It is also known for the high yield that it gives and how easy it is to sand. It will adhere to steel, galvanized steel, and electro-zinc coated steel.

Uds. Cap.
8 uds. 1.5L

Multi 150

Universal filling mastic 2C. Gray

Within our product range, we offer this 2K polyester putty that’s main priority is the filling of all types of dents and irregularities that are found in bodywork. It’s principal characteristics are it’s optimum adhesion, high filling power, and tremendous flexibility which gives it an extreme ease of application.

Uds. Cap.
8 uds. 1.85Kg

Fib 170

Polyester fibreglass reinforced. Green

The key feature of this 2K polyester putty is it’s latest generation fibreglass design that has been designed exclusively to cover any perforations due to corrosion, dents, or irregularities in the body. It is reputable for it’s filling power, ease of sanding, and flexibility.

Uds. Cap.
8 uds. 1Kg

Elast 101

Polyester putty for plastics. Grey

For plastics, we present our flexible 2k polyester putty. It’s technology makes it very flexible, which is a quality that is required for the repair of bumpers and other plastic parts of vehicles. PC, PC-PBT, PP-EPDM.

Uds. Cap.
8 uds. 1Kg


Aluminium putty

Aluminium putty, low dentisy, with aluminium metallic pigments, is specially developed for cracks, filling of dents, perforations or notches on steel, aluminium, galvanized and zinc plate steel. For Car refinish, commercial vehicles, etc..

Easy to apply and sanding. It stands out for both its filling power.

Uds. Cap.
10 uds. 1Kg

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