Centro Zaragoza: Cromauto presents its news

Centro Zaragoza: Cromauto presents its news

Diamond 4100 UHS Clearcoat, Filler 232 UHS Rapid and Filler 200 HS Fast
Cromauto has a range of products for car repainting that consists of putties, fillers, clearcoats, water-based basecoats line: Cromaqua Pro and solvent basecoat: Cromacryl, products for plastics, sprays, catalysts and solvents.

The current trend in products for car repainting is to reduce drying times for a decrease in the total times of work processes. For this reason, Cromauto has developed new products that are characterized by shorter drying times or the possibility of drying in air or at a lower temperature, which achieve energy savings.

With this objective, Cromauto has included in its range the new products that it presented at Centro Zaragoza, of which a theoretical presentation was made followed by a series of practical applications in the workshop.

Diamond 4100 UHS Clearcoat
Designed for high-quality finishes in two-layer finishing systems, it is a UHS acrylic clearcoat characterized by a high-gloss finish and high chemical resistance. The Diamond 4100 UHS is a versatile clearcoat thanks to its 3 catalysts: CRH 41 Medium, CRH 43 Fast and CRH 45 Extra Fast, which allow it to be adapted to the different needs of the workshop, and can be applied both for partial or touch-up painting as well as for painting complete vehicle.
Its mixing ratio is 2:1 by volume, and between 0 and 5% of diluent can be added: CRS 350 Medium, CRS 370 Slow or CRS 390 Extra slow.

Regarding the application of the clearcoat, it will start when the basecoat is completely matt, applying a homogeneous first coat followed by a wet coat with 5-10 minutes of evaporation between coats. Then, it should be left to evaporate 15-20 minutes before drying at 60ºC and 5-10 minutes before IR drying.

The Diamond 4100 UHS can be air-dried, infrared or oven-dried, with drying times that, depending on the catalyst used, are 15-20 minutes at 60ºC, one and a half to three and a half hours at 20ºC, and 10-20 minutes with IR equipment.

After drying, the clearcoat can be polished after 60 minutes.

Filler 232 UHS RapidThis is a medium gray UHS acrylic rig designed for quick or express repairs. It provides quick drying in partial repairs, superficial or small dents, without the need to apply heat or use IR equipment, thanks to its air drying that accelerates with the humidity of the environment, which means energy savings for the workshop.

Its mixing ratio with its specific fast CRH 32 catalyst is 2:1 by volume (3:1 by weight) and without the addition of diluent. Its mixing life is 30 minutes.

The application of the Filler 232 UHS Rapid consists of a first half coat of anchor followed by two full coats with 5 minutes of evaporation between coats, obtaining thicknesses of 70-130 microns.

The great advantage of this rig is its drying, which with just 25-40 minutes of air drying can be sanded, without the need for cabin drying at 60ºC or drying with IR equipment.

Filler Fast Serie 200
HS acrylic filler designed to achieve faster and more efficient repairs (drying at low temperatures) with reduced drying times and good sanding qualities.
It is available in three shades, with the following references:
200 Fast white, 205 Fast gray and 209 Fast black.

Its mixing ratio is 4:1 by volume, with the CRH 15 Slow and CRH 20 Medium catalysts, plus 10-15% diluent. As a recommendation, when the temperature is above 30ºC, the CRH 15 Lento catalyst should be used with the CRS 390 Extra Slow diluent.

The application of the Filler Fast Series 200 rig consists of a first half coat of anchor followed by two complete coats with 5-10 minutes of evaporation between coats and 10 minutes before drying at 60ºC or 5-10 minutes before IR drying.

As for its drying, the Fast Series 200 rig dries in 20-30 minutes at 60ºC, depending on the catalyst used, and in 10-12 minutes with the IR equipment.

Other products and tools

In addition to the presentation and testing in the workshop of these three products, Cromauto presented us with its Premiumcolors color management system, which includes the spectrophotometer, the color program and the color charts, with the new Cromaqua Pro water base line that was incorporated in early 2018.

During the practical applications of the varnish and the coatings, it was possible to test the application of the Cromaqua Pro bilayer base, which stands out for its covering and finishing capacity. It was also possible to know the operation of the color program, which allows the management of the paint job, together with the information provided by the spectrophotometer for the correct selection of the color formula.

Article published by Technical Magazine of Centro Zaragoza No. 84 - April / June 2020


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